Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Ah, yes.  Birthday season.   :)
Let me explain:
There are 10 people in my family.  
EVERY birthday is between August & January...  But MOST of them are in November :)
In fact, today. Today, is my birthday. 
(Happy Birthday to me!!)

This morning, I was woken up with a yummy pancake breakfast on my favorite plate.
Mmmmm.   My sweet little siblings did a hilarious rendition of "Happy Birthday" popping up and down on the side of my bed.   Thank you Jesus for my 16th year, and for my wonderful siblings.

I just feel a peace today...
I'm happy.  Content.
I sigh a happy sigh.
God is good.  All the time.
I thank the Lord for the ability to forget all our troubles and just enjoy this special day...
I pray that God would grant you this ability also.



  1. Happy Birthday! We have so much to be thankful for... each day of life is a gift indeed!


  2. Happy 16th Birthday Fallon! {Visiting from Shannon's blog...} We are a family of 10, too and it is always a blessing to celebrate birthdays around here! {Jan - 1, Feb - 1, Mar - 2, April -1, May - 1, Aug - 1, Sept - 3!}

    May the Lord bless you today! May His way be what lights your path all the days of your life. May He always be a center of all you do and may He be glorified in you.

    Blessings ~

    Mrs. Smith

    1. Thank you soo much for the encouragemet!! :) I visit your blog often! Wow! three in September! :) We've got three this WEEK... It's gonna be crazy! :D

    2. Fallon ~

      Praying for your family as the joy of life is celebrated this week! What an exciting home it will be with so many to rejoice over. And our thought our September was busy...not quite three in ONE week.

      Happy Birthday all!

      Blessings in Him ~

      Mrs. Smith

      P.S. Psalm 63:3 is a great scripture to reminds us how much the Lord loves us and out of that abundance of love, how much more we should praise Him! Thanks for the encouraging words.

    3. Thank you for the prayers, and be assured they are returned!!

      Love because of my Jesus,


  3. Happy birthday again! :) Love you.


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