Sunday, November 18, 2012

~Jesus- help us through today~

She ran out the back door...
She had to get out of the house.
She couldn't let anyone see her cry.
She was tough.  Her feelings were never hurt.
Or so they thought...

That last stinging insult from her older sister 
was too much.  Her eyes started watering...
She had grabbed a pen and paper, and ran out of the house.
She needed to write...  A story?  No.  Her true feelings?

The feelings she feared others would laugh at if she shared. 
But she needed to get them out.  As she scribbled, she could feel the pent-up emotions flowing onto the paper...
As the tears streamed down her face and her hair blew in the wind.

She loved her sister dearly- but how could she be so cruel?
She knew no one was perfect, but do they have to be this heartless?
She waited for something- some "moment" of realization... 
Why couldn't she feel Jesus' arm around her?  Why not a warmth that comforted her?  But instead she sat in the cold, windy, evening dusk...  Struggling to accept the knowledge that God was in control.

She sighed from her heart as she folded up that paper.
She looked up to the sky- and prayed a simple, silent, prayer.
"Jesus- help me through today."

She walked back into the house with peace in her heart.
Knowing: somehow, no matter what happens, it's all for his glory. 

~The End~

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