Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flowers... and... you'll see.

(*ahem, you said that already!)
Oh, oops...  
(so, think of something else to say.)
Ummmm  I Like flowers?
(That's basically the same thing.)
Oh, right.  Ummmm-  I ADORE them?
(Sigh...  I think you already got your point across.)
Ok, but I still need wording for this post, and you, conscience, aren't helping!
(Sorry, I'm just telling you what YOU think!)
Whatever.  NEVERMIND.

LOL--  Is it weird that I have conversations with myself?
I'm just awesome like that.  :P

So this is a recent picture (taken 4 days ago)
of a rose, and um, the sky.  I think you could've guessed that.
Just stating the obvious.
(You are hopeless)
Hey-  I didn't ask for your input!
(You don't have to.  I volunteer it.)

I just liked the focus on this one...  it feels like you're almost ON TOP of the flower...
Well, at least it does to ME!!
(And me, too.)
You are me, what are you talking about?

                             Thanks for listening to my weirdness (AWESOMENESS!!)  Yeah, that. 


                                                                 Fallon Michael 

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  1. Flowers are indeed such a beautiful joy in creation... their color and beauty shinning the glory of the Creator!



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