Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Photos

So this is my post of random photos, that don't really have a category.  :)

For this one, I had accepted a challenge to take a light/dark picture.
I LOVE that the rays are visible.  

   This picture was just random, just like this post. :)
    This is my daddy's toy.

  I found this guy while wandering around our farm...
 He just looked like he wanted his picture taken. :)

This is another picture of the ranch where I work...

OK, I just felt artistic for this photo.  All it is: two white blank papers
and five crayons.  I had a hard time finding five that weren't broken, LOL
with four younger siblings, that's just how it is. :)

   This is a photo of a cactus in the backyard.
     I liked how the um "teeth" were shadowed onto another leaf...

Thanks for viewing!
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