Tuesday, September 25, 2012



So, this April I spent most of the month spending time with my family in Maine.

I had SO SO SO much fun visiting with them, and LOTS OF FUN taking pictures! 

I got quite a few good ones.

So...  here they are...
(looking at these makes me want to go back...)
Miss you guys!

This first one has got to be one of my favorites..
It took me a full 3 MINUTES to get a picture of the water splashing off the rocks.
So pretty.

This one is just simple beauty...

  We traveled a lot in the car to different sight seeing places...
   Often we stopped for drinks or a snack..  My cousin and I sat next to eachother and almost always had the same drink....   Everytime we ordered something at a restuarant or drive through, you would always hear me echo "I'll have the same thing as her."  LOL  I'm glad we have similar tastes! :)

On this picture I was trying to get the texture of the waves into the  
   photo....  didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but it's OK...

I SOOO  enjoyed learning and playing this new game!!
It's called "The Settlers of Katan"
Look it up, it is the BEST GAME (since Monopoly ;)

        The day after I arrived in Maine I was invited on a bead shopping spree with a family friend...   
    This bead store had SO SO SO many bead, on  EVERY WALL,
  and bins all over the place...  crazyyyy  amount of beads.

   Nubble Lighthouse.  Beautiful in it's simplicity.

   This photo reminds me of the Waltons...   :)

   Ah, the food here was SO-O-O yummy!!
 I ordered "Shrimp & Chips."  Couldn't 'a been better!
                  This picture is of a mountain in Baxter State Park.
I liked the visible snow, clouds, blue sky, and the trees.....
so pretty.

This photo is by Moose Head lake, when a storm was brewing...
SO gorgeous...  love this one.

Last, but not least: is a collage I made of my GORGEOUS cousin Katheryn.
Isn't she beeeeeeeeuuuutiful?  Gosh, I miss you girl!

Thanks for looking!
I'd love to hear from you in a comment that you visited! 

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