Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hamilton Pool

         So... this week we went with a family of 11 to the "Hamilton Pool Park" 
in Dripping Springs, Texas.
I had NO IDEA this existed!!!
It's SO SO SO gorgeous, and FREE!  
You can swim in the pool often, but unfortunately the day we went 
it was not allowed because of "high bacteria."
We still were able to enjoy the beeeeeeutiful scenery, and climb on and off the huge rocks.

I want to go back!!
The ceiling was completely filled with fossils...  Soo pretty and fascinating to the little ones.
It was like a huge flood came through earth one day and killed every living thing!
Weird, right?  LOL.  (Just Kidding)

We had some leftover bread after eating chicken sandwiches on the beach... 
The fish were very bold and came right up to the beach to have a snack!
After we ran out of bread to feed them we tried banana peels, but that didn't really work...  ;)

There was a 1/4 mile hike to and from the pool to get to the parking lot...  ALL down hill on the way to the pool means what?  ALL UP HILL on the way back!!!  UGH.  ;)
I wish it was the other way around, don't you!!?

But there were MANY pretty flowers to take pictures of! :) 

I have MANY great memories spending time with this lovely family in this lovely place... 

Thank you Jesus....

~Fallon Michael

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